Best white shirts for women in fitted, oversized and classic styles

Best white shirts for women in fitted, oversized and classic styles - Stock up on the basics

If You Liked The Coastal Grandmother Aesthetic, You’ll Love Tenniscore

Because the best thing to serve is a look.

Watch Out! Here Comes the Climate Deal's Other Shoe. | Opinion

Climate and environmental justice advocates see a dark cloud on the horizon. Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer has announced that, as part of the deal to secure Senate passage of the IRA, he agreed to a second bill, misleadingly referred to as a "permitting reform" package.

The Bachelorette's Stylist Responds to Claims He "Hates" Rachel After Her Red Dress Gets Roasted on Twitter

"For all that think I hate her..."

Video Shows Thief Steals Bag on Beach During Live TV Broadcast

Caught red-handed.

Renée Elise Goldsberry Serves Grungy Glam in Disc Bra Top and Cargo Maxi Skirt for ‘She-Hulk: Attorney at Law’ Premiere

Goldsberry posed in a black Marc Jacobs disc-covered bra top and cargo maxi skirt at the 'She-Hulk: Attorney at Law' premiere.

10 Easy Pieces: Adjustable Task Lamps (Under $500)

Lighting costs can run the gamut from purely functional to pure luxury. When it comes to task lighting in the office or desk at home, breaking the bank isn’t the most sensible idea. This is why we’ve profiled our 10 favorite task lamps—all with adjustable arms—under the price point of $500. N.B.: This post was […]

Lululemon Chargefeel low training shoe

Lululemon steps into the workout shoe game with its Chargefeel sneaker. But can it compete?

15 Amazon Finds to Transform Your Backyard for Under $100

Sunny days (and massive savings) await!

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 3 improves on a good thing

Though it be but little, it is funky

Celebrity-approved sunscreens for this summer

Summer is here, and while it's important to protect our skin year-round, we do tend to get more sun exposure during this time of year. Sunlight can be beneficial up to a certain point, but it's very important that you always wear sunscreen (skin cancer certainly comes to mind). Have you ever wondered which sunscreen products celebs use? Well, this is your chance to find out! Many famous faces share their products of choice in this gallery, so click through to discover their beauty secrets!

Bank Robber Suspect Begs Police To Rescue Him From Tunnel He Built to Rob Banks

The four-man band were attempting to dig a tunnel to rob two nearby banks when one of them got stuck in a tunnel.

Best petite jumpsuits for stylish smaller women

Best petite jumpsuits for stylish smaller women - Big on style, short in size

Adonit's $45 Stylus Magnetically Charges Off the iPad, Just Like Apple's $129 Pencil

Although Steve Jobs condemned the tool when he announced the iPhone, a stylus is now essential for many artists working on the iPad. But the 2nd generation Apple Pencil isn’t a cheap accessory, and if you’ve already dropped a small fortune on an iPad, Adonit’s new Neo Pro offers much of the same functionality for about $84 less.

Life is Strange: Arcadia Bay Collection hits the Nintendo Switch on September 27

Pre-orders are live right now.

This Mini Exercise Pedal Cycle Is 20% Off, And Ideal For Getting Some Exercise In While Working

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Mini Exercise Cycle | $120 | Amazon

Hippo mother fends off hungry leopard

Footage taken in the South Luangwa National Park in Zambia, published July 21st, shows a mother hippo defending her calf from a stalking leopard. The leopard attempts to snare the youngster by grabbing its leg. The predator thinks twice however when the imposing mother turns to help.

17 Amazing Side Effects of Eating a Daily Banana

Hint: You'll lose weight and increase your energy!

‘Did you meet his work wife?’: Woman got a job at the same company as her boyfriend, sparking debate

A TikToker got a job at the same company as her boyfriend, which has sparked debate after the video went viral with over 700,000 views. In the video, TikTok user @tayisreallycool describes her first day at a job where her boyfriend also works, and describes how they commuted together, he gave her a tour, they ate breakfast together, and then rode bikes together to their new office. In the comments, users were divided over whether working with a...

Best Roomba Deals 2022: Sales to shop today

We've got the details on the best iRobot Roomba robot vacuum cleaner deals you can buy today.

Scientists rank the mammals that make the best human companions

The animal kingdom is filled with ferocious, highly-territorial animals that are better off left alone. But nature also boasts some even-tempered animals that more easily adapt to human presence. A group of scientists attempted to study the temperament of animals to determine which ones are friendlier toward humans by assigning various scores. The study published in the journal of Frontiers in Veterinary Science excluded dogs, cats, and farm animals as they are already domesticated. Those that rank above 0 are said to be best suited as human companions. Browse the gallery and find out which potential pets scored the highest.

10 Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavors we love and 10 we can do without

We’d eat nearly any kind of Ben & Jerry’s, but with so many choices—and decades of experience—we’ve developed some go-to options and others that we’ve tried but never buy anymore.

The Expert Guide to Protecting Your Outdoor Furniture

It's the secret to extending the life of your furniture!

15 Cool Jobs You Could Have in the Future

Drones and robots may be replacing humans in the workplace, but here are some great gigs you can look forward to in the coming years. The post 15 Cool Jobs You Could Have in the Future appeared first on Reader's Digest.

Best plus size wedding dresses that will flatter your figure

Best plus size wedding dresses that will flatter your figure - Lace, sequins, full gowns and more, all designed with curves in mind

Summer Fridays Just Launched Its First Makeup Product & It Feels Like You’re Wearing Nothing

This is for anyone who doesn't like foundation.

The Best Dandruff Shampoos to Finally Banish Those Itchy Flakes for Good

PSA: Dandruff is *not* a reflection of poor hygiene.

8 Ways to Boost Your Brain Health, According to a Neurologist

Boost your brain health and keep your cognitive skills sharp with these simple daily habits. You might be surprised at just how easy it is.

Bella Hadid Says Her Vocal Support for Palestine Has Lost Her Jobs

But she says it's not about to stop her from speaking out.

How To Teach Tweens About Respecting Others' Rights & Property

Teaching tweens how to respect other's rights and property does not have to be a difficult thing to do.

This Kickstarter project turns an iPhone into your smart home’s magic wand

Fluid One uses Apple’s ultra-wideband chip to give you point-and-click control of smart devices

Rare Vintage Photos of Elizabeth Taylor's Life at Home

Get a peek into her enviable walk-in closet from the '50s. Elizabeth Taylor was known for captivating audiences with her sultry on-screen persona, violet eyes, and tumultuous relationships, but what was the legendary actress like at home? See inside her childhood house, meet her adorable pets, and check out some of the luxe places she lived during her eight marriages. With her incredible fashion sense, it's only natural that her taste in home decor was just as elegant. These photos will give you a sense of how the star lived when the cameras weren't rolling.

This Best-Selling Maxi Dress Doesn't Look Like a Dress at All, and It's Under $35 at Amazon Today

Choose from 13 colors

Prince Harry broke down in tears recalling Meghan Markle’s pregnancy with Archie

Prince Harry struggled to fight back tears as he opened up about fatherhood.

Breaking Cat News by Georgia Dunn

Breaking Cat News by Georgia Dunn

Your Daily Horoscope: August 17, 2022

Here's how the stars align on Wednesday, August 17th.

Logitech Chorus is a $100 speaker add-on for the Meta Quest 2

Logitech has introduced a new audio solution specifically created for the Meta Quest 2: It's called "Chorus," and the company says it can deliver a "new level of immersive, ultra-realistic audio." Chorus features rotating speakers and an open back form factor that lets ambient sounds in. It was designed to slide onto the Quest 2's headset strap until the speakers are positioned over the user's ears. In fact, it will make the VR device look...

Best bridesmaids dresses for 2022 and where to buy online

Best bridesmaids dresses for 2022 and where to buy online - Dresses to say I Do to

Take an Exclusive Look Into the Studio—and Life—of Starchitect Santiago Calatrava

The inimitable architect sits down with AD to explain his daily routine, philosophy on design, and creative process

Fans Can Finally Buy a Dodge Challenger Convertible at a Dealer

From the Ford Bronco to the Hummer and beyond, the nostalgia surrounding some cars and trucks drives automakers to revive them for a new generation.

Upcoming Nintendo Switch Games

The Nintendo Switch's library is vast, and it is constantly growing. Here are all the upcoming major Switch games and their release dates.

Under the Sink Storage Ideas to Instantly Upgrade Your Bathroom and Kitchen

Your cabinets will never be the same!

Want VR...without a headset? This 3D monitor can do just that

Dimenco's impressive simulated reality display gives you a VR-like experience without a headset, at a price.

The Shoes You're Wearing To Work Out Are Probably Too Small

And here's how to find your perfect pair.

The Best Toddler Backpacks for Every Type of Kid

The coolest, cutest, most practical bags that are perfect for little ones.

Dragon Age: Origins, Skate, And More Get Touch Controls On Xbox Cloud

Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol, Skate, and 13 more now have touch screen control support.

Edinburgh Fringe: Best jokes of the festival so far

Edinburgh Fringe: Best jokes of the festival so far - EDINBURGH FRINGE 2022: The funniest one-liners from this year’s festival

Fish Jumps Out of Aquarium at Pet Store

This fish was inside an aquarium at the pet store. Suddenly, they decided to do something adventurous. They took their chances and jumped right out of the water.

This Chart-Climbing Sweater with 12,700+ Perfect Ratings Is 30% Off at Amazon Right Now

“Everywhere I go, I get compliments on this sweater!”

What is Donald Trump's biggest fear? It's in most of our homes

The official residence and workplace of the president of the United States has gone through many dramatic changes over the years. We take a fascinating look at how the White House interiors have evolved since the executive mansion's completion at the turn of the 18th century